Live Streaming Escape Room Attractions.

Mikrotone builds immersive live streaming escape room experiences to create brand awareness. This is achieved by breaking that experience into multiple platforms that can be discovered and engaged in the real world. Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself, If I was in that room, I would handle it better? Go visit one of our Trap Door Escape Room’s and see if you actually can.  Maybe you just want to be a little more passive while still getting to interact. Maybe you’re the one watching and yelling, Don’t go in that room! You will die if you go in that room! Well now you can, and the character will turn to the screen and say, ok, what should I do instead?

7 Years ago, Mikrotone created Find Me Event, the first live streaming experience that blended reality TV, with Escape Room style gaming. The fourth wall was broken, and we have been creating new experiences ever since.  The video below was edited to give an example of how one of our most popular experiences works.

How a Live Streaming Escape Room Game Works
The Dark Defender Live Streaming Escape Room Game was requested by Showtime Network for the hit show Dexter.

Mikrotone hands the controls to the players. You are in charge! Without your participation, the game goes nowhere.  The characters are unable to progress.  What’s even more cool is how you are not on your own. These experiences build community and have potential to bring people together from all over the country for a common cause. When you cannot figure out what to do next, you are able to get help from anyone, anywhere. You can all collectively strategize the best course of action, and then deliver the news to the characters in the game.  It is unlike any game you have ever played.